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Blake has been actively contributing to hands-on conservation efforts for 15 years. He has worked at every level, with as many hours on a tractor as behind a desk. He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Mississippi State University in Forestry and Wildlife Management, and achieved management experience during a 7-year tenure at Mossy Oak Corporate. His unique perspective provided by his education and
previous work experience in wildlife management guides his characteristic approach to habitat and property development. Aligning his passion for conservation with his vision for business development, he founded Nature’s Eye, which has become a recognized real estate investment and development firm
contributing to conservation on a broad scale. As the family of Nature’s Eye brands has grown, Blake has become an investor in recreational land around Texas. He has been recognized in the industry with QDMA’s Deer Manager of the Year Award, and is regularly a guest speaker at universities, corporate events, national conventions, and the Petroleum Club of Houston. He also serves on the board for the AO1 Foundation. When he isn’t working to develop habitat, Blake spends as much time
as possible enjoying the outdoors with his family.




Marian Corley is the Real Estate Broker for Nature’s Eye Signature Properties. Joining the team in March of 2019, she brings with her 13 years of previous real estate experience and degrees in both Real Estate and Drafting & Design. Growing up in the timber industry and being raised as a hunter channeled her passion towards nature at a young age. Throughout adulthood she has also become an investor in properties across East Texas giving her valuable experience in property valuation and development. Marian, along with her husband and two daughters, enjoys bowhunting, Aggie tailgating, going to the lake, and spending time in the outdoors.




Jeff Zwolinski is a member of the Nature’s Eye Signature Properties Team. He earned both a Bachelor’s degree (Urban Forestry Management), and a Master’s degree (Operations Management and Economics) from Texas A&M University. He has more than 25 years of experience in forest products operations management in East Texas and Southwest Louisiana (1988-2014), and as a Real Estate Forester/Agent specializing in recreational and investment property sales in East Texas (2014-2019). A certified Forester and a 30-year member of the Society of American Foresters, he has also been a member of the Texas Forestry Association for 25 years, serving on its Marketing Committee since 2004. 



Jeff grew up hunting, fishing and spending the majority of his time in the outdoors. He has been selling farm and ranch real estate since 2006, has a degree in marketing from Texas A&M and since graduation he's been a hunting guide, managed hunting ranches and overseen whitetail breeding operations. He has some farming and ranching experience but his specialty is wildlife management. He has been an outdoor writer for 20 years and has sold properties in a large, diverse region across Texas. Aside from his passion for hunting, Jeff is driven by the feeling of satisfaction he gets when he matches a buyer with their "perfect" piece of property or when he finds the "perfect" buyer for a piece of property that he has listed.


The Nature's Eye Team




In addition to office management and client relations, Kimberly assists with the development of natural resource management plans, ArcGIS mapping, curriculum development, federal and state government cost share programs, managed land programs, permitting, and property tax exemptions. She is a former independent business owner of over 20 years and graduated with honors from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry/Wildlife Management and a minor in Biology. Kimberly's heart lies with her kids and grandkids, with her animals coming in a close second.